Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Learning Outside the University

I have long believed that I teach myself better than a university professor could, at least on certain topics. Only recently have I been supported in this belief. While I have not always been in a formal, classroom learning environment, I don't think I've ever stopped learning.

An example is my interest in World War II and the Holocaust. I've learned about it in various ways, from reading numerous nonfiction books from the library, watching documentaries, and listening to my grandfather who fought in the Pacific. I learn at a much faster pace than in a university setting, and I learn from a first-hand source.

Another example is politics. I've worked in the political field since I was 17- first as a volunteer, then an intern, then as staff for a campaign, and now as a consultant for several different candidates. I have had the chance to meet presidents. I have learned from experienced political staff, and in turn passed on that knowledge. My experiences are absolutely amazing to me, and could never have been 'taught' in the traditional way.

I am here to get a degree, which will help me on my chosen path in life. I do learn here, but I know it isn't the only way to learn, or even the best way.